The association for all people interested in Bedales

The Bedales Association (BA) was founded in 1984 (replacing the Bedales Society and the Bedales Company) as the school’s alumni body to embrace all those interested in Bedales. Today, the BA aims to:

  • Foster extended relationships between parents, staff, governors, former students and the wider Bedales community
  • Help fundraising for buildings, equipment and bursaries
  • Provide support for, and to advance, the charitable purposes of the Bedales Schools
  • Promote discussion on educational policy and related topics


The following are members of the Bedales Association (BA):

  • Former students of Bedales School and Dunhurst Blocks – students automatically become BA members when they leave Bedales 6.2, or earlier if they leave during Block 1 – 6.1.
  • The parents of former Bedales and Dunhurst Blocks’ students – parents will automatically become members of the BA when their child (or last child if more than one child) leaves Bedales or Dunhurst Blocks.
  • Former staff of the three Bedales Schools – all staff who have worked at any of the three Bedales Schools are invited to join the BA when they leave.

There is no subscription charge for membership and people can opt-out if they prefer not to become a member.


The BA offers its members a range of events, communications and other benefits. The BA is overseen by a steering group – of OBs and former parents - who will modify and adapt the association’s activities to meet the needs of its members.


Reunions – On behalf of the BA, the school organises reunions of former students at key milestone dates after leaving, eg. after 10 and 25 years.

Former parent reception - From Summer 2016, we introduced a new annual lunch on Bedales Parents’ Day for former parents.

Stoner Cricket Club - For over 75 years the Club has provided serious but friendly cricket for many generations of students, Old Bedalians, staff and friends of Bedales School. The Club runs a game against the School on Parents’ Day each year and a cricket week at the end of July playing mainly on the Bedales Memorial Pitch. Any BA members who are interested in playing or supporting are welcome to contact and visit:

Sport – Taking their names from the cricket, there are Old Bedalian ‘Stoner’ teams who compete against the current school teams and others in the following sports. New players are always welcomed:

Careers support

Careers support is offered to Old Bedalians in addition to current students. This includes:

  • Advice and support with post-school university applications.
  • Invitations to events based on job sectors or special interests
  • Connecting up members offering careers advice and work shadowing opportunities with those seeking such support. 
  • Careers talks – we are always keen for members to support younger students by giving a talk about their experience


The following communications are for members of the BA:

  • Monthly e-bulletin, primarily of news of OBs, plus school developments, emailed to members
  • Annual newsletter, sent in hard copy (can opt for digital version)
  • Website and social media - the school is active on:

 The Alumni team is happy to respond to any individual queries from members:

  • OBs who left from 1994 and earlier: Dennis Archer (Alumni Officer), email:, tel: 01700 811611
  • OBs who left from 1995 – present day: Philip Parsons (Alumni officer), email:, tel: 01730 711631
  • To consult the archives: Jane Kirby (Archivist), email:, tel: 01730 711609
  • To subscribe to the e-bulletin, or any other queries relating to the Bedales Association: Dennis Archer (

Minutes of the 33rd Annual General Meeting of the Bedales Association held on Wednesday 6 July 2016 
Minutes of the 32nd Annual General Meeting of The Bedales Association held on Sunday 28 June 2015
Minutes of the 31st Annual General Meeting of The Bedales Association held on Sunday 29 June 2014