Old Bedalian 2003

Following Bedales, I studied for a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at Central St. Martins College followed by a BA in Fashion Communication and Promotion. To date I have published a book entitled "When Fletcher & Hay met..." and worked as features editor for Tank Magazine and the Observer Fashion Supplement. I'm currently working as a script writer and am developing ideas for TV with a view to devising my own comedy series, which I plan to both write and perform in. Commenting on how Bedales

I think the name Bedales has the potential to open doors both socially and professionally. People have often heard of it, they are interested in what goes on there. If I'm honest, I'm not sure if Bedales has directly helped me achieve where I am now but that's not to say that the experiences and the knowledge I gained whilst I was there hasn't massively influenced and moulded who I am today......one of the greatest things about Bedales is the people that I met whilst I was there. The friends that I made, who still play a big part in my life today.