Bedales was founded to be different. Where other independent boarding schools imposed conformity, we have nurtured individuality, initiative and an enquiring mind.

We maintain discipline, but we believe it arises best from self-discipline and from caring about others. Although our students are naturally ambitious and competitive, the school places particular emphasis on collaboration.

Our students move on comfortably to university and beyond, because they are already used to organising their own time; studying in depth; and having spirited discussions with their teachers.

Our founder, J H Badley, wanted to educate the whole person – 'head, hand and heart'. Pursuing this ideal, Bedales has evolved constantly. Most recently, we have led the way in replacing some GCSEs with our own more interesting and more demanding courses. More on our approach to learning.

Personal relationships here evince remarkable trust and rapport. Mutual respect is earned, not exacted by rank. This is reflected through everyone being on first-name terms. The relaxed atmosphere allows students to concentrate on the complex business of learning, developing, and becoming their own person.

The students who will gain most from our community are those who will give most and join us wholeheartedly in this unique educational experience.

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