Bedales has a distinguished tradition in Design and many professional designers began their work as students here.

Year 9 (Block 3)

In Block 3, the Art and Design Departments come together to introduce students to a wide range of techniques and concepts by running five-week courses in six areas. Three are run by the Art Department (Painting and Drawing; Pottery and Sculpture) and the following three by the Design Department:

Resistant Materials - Experience with basic hand tools and machine tools that are found in the workshop. In the one or two projects that are undertaken, emphasis is placed on accuracy and safety. There is always an input from the student into the designing of the work although it is rather limited in this first year.

Textiles - An introduction to textiles and related techniques which use textiles. This is achieved through the development of one project. The techniques covered include dyeing, printing, painting and sewing by hand and machine.

Graphics with Systems - Using Computer Aided Design and Graphics Software, students will apply their knowledge to the design of a board game using ICT based techniques. The games will also require the design and production of a PIC microprocessor driven electronic device such as a timer or dice, programmed using computer control software, then constructed and tested using traditional electronics tools.

Years 10 & 11 (Blocks 4 & 5)

The Bedales Assessed Course aims to instil a love of high quality and individuality through the choice of media available in the department; these include woods, metals, plastics, electronics and textiles. Students are encouraged to think as designers first and foremost and embrace the flexibility and variety of the subject by opting for different media in their initial portfolio tasks in the first two terms of the course. They have the opportunity to work across the department in their final three terms on their extended task. Students will generate and submit design sketchbooks and portfolio sheets along with their practical work but will also have the opportunity to further demonstrate their knowledge in a terminal viva voce.

Sixth Form

Courses available:
Design and Technology - Product Design

Design and Technology - Systems and Control

Product Design covers a wide variety of mediums and the syllabus is suitable for those students who have successfully taken the BAC Design course or a GCSE in Design & Technology (Product Design, Resistant Materials, Textiles or Systems and Control) at another school and wish to further their experience and knowledge in this subject area.

Systems and Control students cover much of the same theory work, in addition to some electronics and mechanics specific material. Systems students will embark on practical projects that include elements of electronics, mechanisms or pneumatics.

The courses aim to bring into play a wide range of disciplines from art to engineering and have a significant theory content to complement the elements of making and problem-solving. Use of computers for designing, presentation and manufacture is another element that will characterise these courses and we will again be stressing our high standards in these areas of work. We try to use a broad base for all our project and topic work so that every student can access the course and feel interested and motivated, no what matter his or her background.

Examining Board: WJEC (Welsh Joint Education Department)

Head of DepartmentBen Shaw