The Bedales Catering Department, headed by Dave Greenman, is staffed by 18 full and part-time members. Together with his Head Chef, Dean Rowe, and Catering Supervisor, Maria Brennan, Dave and his team have put together a varied and healthy menu. The self-service buffet allows students to choose from two main meals a day of home-made soups; a range of salads; hot and cold dishes - with a vegetarian option; a pasta bar; fruit; yoghurts and other puddings.

All meals are freshly cooked in our kitchens and locally sourced where possible. Favourite dishes are chicken korma, with sirloin steak and sautéed potatoes coming a close second. Baked Alaska and sticky toffee pudding are popular desserts. The day is given a kick-start with a cooked English breakfast, a choice of cereals, toast and croissants. Mid-morning and mid-afternoon (home-made cakes) snacks help fill any gaps.

Staff and students eat together in our historic dining hall.

In addition to this, the boarding houses contain kitchens where students are able to help themselves to tea, toast and fruit.

The school tuck shop, Goldie, stocks drinks, cup-a-soups and vital stress-busting goodies such as chocolate and sweets.

For special diets and allergies, email our Catering Manager Dave Greenman who will be happy to help.

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