The Board of Governors determines the general policy of the Bedales Schools.
Day to day management is delegated to Keith Budge, Headmaster, Bedales Schools and the senior management team. 

The Governors are (committees in brackets):

  • Clare Bradbury, BSc, PGCE (Education Committee) 
  • Felix Grey, MChem, MPhil (Education Committee)
  • Avril Hardie BEd, JP (Safeguarding)
  • Owen Jonathan LLB (Hons) (Risk and Compliance)
  • Michele Johnson BA (Chair of Governor Nominations; External Relations; Staff Liaison)
  • Dr Anna Keay PhD (Chair of the Buildings and Landscape Committee; External Relations; Finance and General Purposes) 
  • Rear Admiral John Lippiett CB, CBE (Fundraising and Chair of Bedales Schools Development Trust; Governor Nominations)
  • Matthew Rice BA (Chair of the Board; Buildings and Landscapes; External Relations; Finance and General Purposes; Governor Nominations; Remuneration)
  • Nicholas Vetch ARICS (Vice-Chair of the Board; External Relations; Finance and General Purposes; Governor Nominations)
  • Professor Geoffrey Ward (Education incl EYFS)
  • Charles Watson BA (Chair of External Relations Committee; Finance and General Purposes)
  • Timothy Wise (Chair of Finance and General Purposes Committee; Buildings and Landscapes; External Relations, Remuneration)

Find out more about the Governors here.
View the staff list for Bedales, Dunhurst and Dunannie.

Bedales School is a Public Benefit Entity registered as a charity in England and Wales, number 307332. Its registered company number is 276785.

View the latest Annual Report and Accounts here.

There are two other charities affiliated to Bedales:

John Badley Foundation, charity number 1138332 – in support of the school’s educational priorities, its primary aim is to raise and steward funds to support full bursaries to Bedales and Dunhurst. (More information)

Bedales Grants Trust Fund, charity number 1036179 – providing grants to parents of pupils at Bedales in need of financial aid to pay their tuition fees, with a preference for parents who were themselves at the school. (More information