Friends of Bedales (FoB) is an invaluable teacher-parent forum at which generic issues are raised with the school that have been put forward by parents, and feedback is provided. This dialogue has, over the years, resulted in a number of very positive, enduring initiatives. FoB deals with issues to do with the senior school, and is a sub group of the Bedales Parents' Association (BPA), along with the Friends of Dunhurst and Friends of Dunannie.
Block 3 to 6.2 each have up to two block representatives that are on both the FoB and BPA. 

Friends of Bedales

Block 3

Tasmin Bland and Jo Scott

Block 4

Mariangela Franchetti and Patrick Henegan

Block 5

Carmen Leonard and Genevieve Hayes


Philippa Page and Nicholas Tier


Cassandra Wiener and Lu McGregor

Chair of FoB and BPA

Nicholas Tier

Chair FoB

Philippa Page

Overseas Families and Boarding Parents Representatives

Caroline Maude and Claire Hanley

BPA Enhancement Grants Coordinator 

Charles Voyantzis

Friends of Dunhurst Co Chairs

Michael Howard and Lucy Freeborough

Friends of Dunannie Co Chairs

Jo Russell and Jane Parnell

Secretary to the BPA

Christine Adams

Under the terms of the BPA’s constitution, Keith Budge, Louise Wilson, Colin Baty, Jo Webbern and Richard Lushington are also members of the Committee. Richard Lushington is the Association’s Treasurer.