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In the light of recent development in Europe and the US, Absolutely Education reports on how we engage young people in politics.  The articles states: “The long tradition of debate and oratory in our independent schools is a very good place to start”; Keith Budge is featured discussing the approach at Bedales. In the article, Keith says: “Debate stands at the very heart of a classical education. In the classical context, the focus of education was on the subjects and skills deemed essential if one was to take an active part in civic life – for example, public debate. Any effective contribution to public life requires the exercise of rhetorical skills, and Bedales encourages both public speaking and debating,”
Posted on 16 March 2017
All three Bedales schools entered the Music for Youth competition 2017 with an exciting combination of Mozart, Jaco Pastorious, jazz and poetry by Edward Thomas.
Posted on 10 March 2017
In an article for Architecture Today, writer and designer Oliver Lowenstein explains that the new Bedales Art & Design Building both connects with and breaks from the school’s aesthetic past.
Posted on 06 March 2017
In a recent blog for HMC (the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference), Keith Budge explains why students getting their hands dirty outside with practical work is key part of a Bedales education. 
Posted on 13 February 2017
In a recent blog for the Independent Schools Council (ISC), Keith Budge reflects further on the challenge of an illiberal age to liberal educators, and examines the value of the ‘appreciat
Posted on 10 February 2017
In a recent article for School House magazine, Keith Budge counsels against government’s enthusiasm for the direct transfer of independent sector expertise to the state sector, and argues instead that any institutional learning must be a two-way street.
Posted on 06 February 2017
In a recent article for TES, Al McConville, Bedales Deputy Head, Academic, reflects on the possibly rash decision to take his GCSE in Chemistry from a standing start in just a year, alongside an already demanding schedule.
Posted on 23 January 2017
In an article for TES, Alistair McConville argues that if it is to be revived, then we must do more than plead for its usefulness, and instead stress its value for greater global understanding and collaboration. Opinion amongst students on this subject is divided. For some, the ability to access another language opens exciting horizons, whilst for others, the ‘foreign-languages-as-punishment’ narrative seems all too plausible. There is a justified perception, both amongst students, teachers and guardians of a school’s performance statistics, that it is disproportionately hard to achieve good grades in GCSE and A Level languages.
Posted on 06 January 2017
In an article for New Forest Living magazine, Keith Budge discusses the Bedales approach to schooling, and the importance of time and space to students in shaping their educational journeys.
Posted on 05 January 2017
In a recent article for TES, Clare Jarmy flies in the face of accepted wisdom by suggesting that lesson planning is better when undertaken in partnership with students.
Posted on 04 January 2017