Bedales student to spend summer camping in Alaska's wilderness


Bedales lower sixth form (6.1) student Toby Goodger will be spending part of July and the whole of August camping with his two older brothers in the Yukon Territory near Alaska and will take part in a documentary about the experience. The area they intend to explore is 100 miles from the nearest city and 70 miles from the closest road.

They will fly out to the city of Whitehorse before hiring a float plane to drop them 100 miles away in the heart of the wilderness into one of the lakes. They will then canoe up the river and find somewhere to build a shelter, put up hammocks and start hunting and fishing for the duration of their stay. They will be taking a satellite phone and GPS tracker in case of emergencies but intend to not make any contact with the outside world to get the maximum benefit of being truly in the wilds.

Toby's older brothers, Charlie (24) and Ben (27), who both study at the National Film and Television School in London, will make a documentary of the adventure, which they hope to interest independent film companies with. All profits from the trip and documentary will be donated to the Animals Asia Foundation, a charity devoted to the welfare of animals in Asia. In particular they will be raising awareness of the plight of bears held in captivity for the purpose of bile extraction.

Commenting on the expedition, Toby said: "We will try to live off the land - we are taking emergency rations but we are also taking a shotgun so we can hunt small game like porcupine. You are not allowed to shoot big game there if you are not a resident. We just want to see what it takes to survive out there and whether we can do it without eating the rations."

Toby is looking for sponsorship for the expedition and if you would like to find out more information and to offer support visit

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