Dunhurst boarding provides a home from home. ‘Nice Tea’ for boarders and their families at drop-off on Sundays sets the tone for the rest of the week.

We understand that boarding may be rather daunting at first. This is why at Dunhurst we offer flexi-boarding. Pupils can opt for however many nights they like – so it becomes more like a sleepover with friends.

Pupils experience the perfect mix of enjoying boarding life during the week, then returning home if they wish at the weekends or remaining at school to enjoy activities and day trips with friends and Housestaff. We organise Friday night events, and trips and activities also take place during weekends. On Wednesdays, Blocks’ pupils are able to visit Petersfield in small groups, a particular highlight for boarders.

Living in the distinctive Dunhurst community helps develop pupils’ self-confidence and respect for others.

For Day students in Years 4, 5 and 6, the academic day ends at 3.50pm but most students take part in activities which end at 5.30pm. For Years 7 and 8 (Blocks 1 and 2), the academic day ends at 5.30pm with activities ending at 7.30pm.

We also offer flexible boarding to accommodate the varying needs of all our families. Find out more about boarding at Dunhurst in the Boarding Overview and view the Dunhurst prospectus here.