Artist in Residence, Bedales

BA (Hons) Graphic Design, Bath Academy of Art
PGCE Art and Design, Reading University

What makes a good teacher at Bedales?

An exploring mind, with a love of your subject and a desire to pass on that enthusiasm. Someone who remembers what it is like to learn. A belief that things are possible. Learning is about exchanging ideas between inquisitive people - I enjoy learning something new every day, usually from the students.

What are you trying to encourage and instil in the children?

An appreciation of Art and the skills to produce individual work they are proud of. A respect for aesthetics. To feel confident, to have imagination and creativity that knows no bounds. To ask questions like ‘What if I …?’ or ‘How do I …?’

Apart from your teaching role, what else do you get involved with at the school?

  • International committee developing links with Chuansha School, Shanghai
  • Involved in the Swaziland project
  • Tutor
  • Black and White Photography activity
  • The school photographers group which captures Bedales from a student’s perspective for internal records and publicity
  • Outdoor Work because I enjoy it and it’s an integral part of the school

In your opinion, what makes Bedales special?

The wonderful relationship and respect between the students, staff and the environment. It’s a beehive of activity, a special balance of sweat, toil, joy, pride, tradition, innovation and inspiration.

Who or what inspires you? 

Visiting Art exhibitions, usually in London. Strictly for the die-hards, as I have been known to cover four in a day!

Tell us something not a lot of people know about you.

My dissertation was about graffiti and its subculture, I ended up shadowing an artist as he worked on the New York subway system late at night.