Who is the scheme aimed at?

We are looking for talented candidates who have the potential to make a positive contribution to the Bedales community. John Badley Foundation (JBF) bursary holders will therefore be students of outstanding potential who demonstrate an appetite to get involved with the wide range of activities and experiences on offer at the school. Candidates will need to display outstanding potential or ability in at least one of the following areas: academic; music; drama; dance; art; design or sport. Entry will usually be to Dunhurst at 11+ or Bedales at 13+ or Sixth Form, although other entry points will be considered.

What are the backgrounds of candidates?

Bedales prides itself in its fair and equal treatment of individuals and its strong desire to provide opportunities for all. As the majority of JBF awards will be for 100% bursaries (i.e. full funding of school fees), parents will need to demonstrate that they would not otherwise be able to afford an independent school education. A full appraisal of financial and family circumstances will therefore be undertaken to ensure the scheme is reaching those who truly need the support. Once in receipt of a JBF award, beneficiaries will be also able to apply for additional financial support to meet the on-going costs of a Bedales education (eg. school visits, sports kit).

What is the application process?

The application process is as accessible and straightforward as possible. Potential applicants and their families will be invited to meet with the Headmaster and Registrar and have a tour of the school with current students, before they submit an application.

The registration and application forms (which include a statement of financial circumstances) will need to be submitted to the school by 30 December. For 16+ bursary applications the deadline is 31 October.  Assessments take place in January (November for Sixth Form) and the final decision is made by the end of February. 

Bedales will take up references from candidates’ current schools. Applicants should attend the January assessment either in the year of entry or in the year preceding entry (November for Sixth Form). The assessments will involve a mixture of tests and interviews (depending on entry point), with provision made to assess any special talents in fields such as art, drama, music or sport.

Initial enquiries should be made to The Admissions Team, tel: 01730 711544; email: admissions@bedales.org.uk

How will applicants be encouraged to settle in and make the most of their Bedales education?

Our school’s environment, although stimulating and fulfilling, can be daunting for newcomers; we therefore have comprehensive induction processes for all new students. We take great care to ensure that students are well supported, both academically and pastorally. In addition to the usual tutorial system where students are in small mixed age tutorial groups, we have in place a JBF tutor to provide additional support to JBF students and their parents.

Bedales and Dunhurst have both been rated as ‘outstanding’ in recent Ofsted boarding inspections, especially with reference to our pastoral care, so we are confident that our ethos, atmosphere and care mean that any new student, regardless of their background, is given all the help they need to settle in.

How is the scheme promoted?

The JBF is an ambitious programme and the school is very keen to ensure that it does all it can to attract the most suitable candidates.

We are therefore developing links with maintained sector schools, charities, trusts and other organisations who will help us to provide life-changing opportunities for young people.