Charles Pitman
Charles Pitman
Old Bedalian 2010

1. Any kind of further study you undertook after leaving Bedales, and any qualifications that you gained.

After leaving Bedales I attended Durham University (Hatfield College) and achieved a First Class Masters in Mathematics (MMath). In terms of professional qualifications, I am currently a level 3 CFA candidate and awaiting the results of the written exam I have just sat.

2. What kind of work you are currently involved in, and how and why you came to be doing it.

I am currently working as a Biopharmaceutical Sell-side Research Analyst at an independent stockbroking firm in Central London called Redburn. I started doing work experience in the investment industry when I was 16 and started internships with my current company in the summer after my third year at university. Since joining Redburn, I have worked in the Aerospace and Defence research team and the Digital support team. 

3. Whether being at Bedales has helped you in getting to where you are now, and how satisfied you are with what you are doing.

Bedales definitely made me the person I am today. From encouraging my self-motivated work ethic necessary to succeed at university and work, to the communication skills required to talk to a range of people with confidence, I believe the Bedales ethos of understanding others’ views and working diligently with your Head, Hand and Heart are powerful educational factors. I also believe the environmental importance of being able to understand nature and work with the land as was taught by Outdoor Work is a unique extra quality that Bedales provides.

4. Any other interesting activities or occupations that you have been involved in since leaving school.

Between finishing university and starting at Redburn, I spent six months in Whistler, BC (Canada) doing a ski season. I have also travelled extensively all over the world visiting Mainland Europe, West Coast America, Latin America, Australia and South East Asia.

(Summer 2018)