Old Bedalian 2004

Have you undertaken any kind of further study since leaving Bedales and have you gained any further qualifications?

After leaving Bedales I spent five years at Nottingham medical school, graduating in summer 2007 with a BMedSci and in 2009 with a BMBS with honours. During this time I developed a love for travel, visiting Africa in 2005 as part of the Kenyan orphan project team where we built a health centre for the local people, travelling south America in 2006 and 2008 and completing a medical elective in the Solomon Islands and New Zealand in 2009.

What kind of work are you currently involved in, and how and why have you come to be doing it?

After medical school I worked my foundation years as a junior doctor in the south west, the first year at Bath’s Royal United Hospital and the second at Yeovil District Hospital. I continued to play hockey and also completed a number of sprint triathlons. I finished my foundation programme in August 2011 then opted to take a year out to travel before committing myself to 40 years in the NHS! 

This year I have travelled Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos (with two Bedalian friends), Canada, Africa and Central America. I also went trekking in Nepal and participated in a medical trek into the foothills of the Himalayas in rural northern India. This month was incredible. I worked with some fantastic doctors and provided medical care to over 2,500 people, whilst living in a small tent with very basic dug out loos etc! Between these trips I did locum medical work, spending time in a variety of hospitals and two rewarding months in a local hospice.
I have now chosen paediatrics as my speciality and am due to start an eight year paediatric training programme in September in the Hampshire area. This is a run-through programme, aiming to take trainees through to consultant level. I have just started to take membership exams to the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health but still have a very long way to go!

The teaching I received, especially from the science department, was fantastic and definitely helped me into and through medical school


Did attending Bedales help you in getting to where you are now and how satisfied are you with what you are doing?

I am certainly not the stereotypical arty, musical Bedalian but I loved my time at school. The teaching I received, especially from the science department, was fantastic and definitely helped me into and through medical school.

The other department that made a difference to me was sport. I don't think a day went by in my five years when I wasn't playing sport and this gave me great skills to take on to university and beyond. In fact, I continued to play a lot of hockey at university, in both a mixed medics team and for the Notts University ladies club. Sport is such a great social activity and is still my main way to de-stress after a tough day at work! The school taught me the importance of balancing work and play, and to appreciate art and music even though I am rather useless at them myself! Most of all, Bedales gave me confidence, making the transitions from school to university and university to work that little easier and allowing me to explore the world with others and on my own.