Lucy Johnson
Lucy Johnson
Old Bedalian 2010

1.  Any kind of further study you undertook after leaving Bedales, and any qualifications that you gained. 

BA English from the University of Exeter and three Investment Operations Certificate finance qualifications.

2.  What kind of work you are currently involved in, and how and why you came to be doing it.

I currently work in the Client team at Wellington Investment Management, a private asset management firm in London, headquartered in Boston. After graduating in 2013, I started my career in finance at Barclays Investment Bank (formerly Barclays Capital), where I worked for 1.5 years before being headhunted by Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM). I worked at Goldman for 5.5 years, spending the majority of my time in Asset Management, with a year long slight career change 2017-18, when I was asked to project manage the launch of Marcus UK, Goldman’s retail bank offering. Once this had successfully launched, I moved back to GSAM, before leaving in 2020 for Wellington.

3.  Whether being at Bedales has helped you in getting to where you are now, and how satisfied you are with what you are doing.

I am very satisfied with my current role and trajectory. I think Bedales hugely helped me because it promotes independent thinking and an inherent confidence. Furthermore, the public speaking within small classes really helped me when it came to being successful in interviews, and standing out against other potentially more 'traditional' or 'safe' education methods. 

4.  Any other interesting activities or occupations that you have been involved in since leaving school.

I have retained an interest in volunteering and mentoring, and have developed a huge focus and interest in fitness, too. 

(updated Spring 2021)