Nathalie Mares
Nathalie Mares
Old Bedalian 2010

1. Any kind of further study you undertook after leaving Bedales, and any qualifications that you gained.

After I left Bedales I took a year off and went to Israel to work on a goat farm with two friends - it was great fun! Then I went to Aberdeen University and studied Theology. I graduated in 2015 with a first class honours degree, MA Theology. I stayed on at Aberdeen to do a Masters, an MTh in Theological Ethics. I graduated in 2016 with a Distinction.

2. What kind of work you are currently involved in, and how and why you came to be doing it.

I am currently working part time for the Church of Scotland's Theological Forum. I work at the head offices in Edinburgh. My work involves managing all the business of the Committee, and also carrying out theological research. I have also recently taken up another part time position working at the head offices of the Scottish Episcopal Church in Edinburgh, for their Ministry and Mission committee. Both jobs enable me to combine my theological learning with administrative, organisational and management skills.

3. Whether being at Bedales has helped you in getting to where you are now, and how satisfied you are with what you are doing.

Bedales was a hugely formative part of my life and certainly helped me get to where I am now. Carmody Grey's Religious Studies course was the most influential and contributed hugely to my interests in theology. Without her, I would be living a very different life. Graham Banks' English Literature classes were also very memorable for me. The high standard of teaching across the board was inspirational and helped me develop a passion for academia. I do enjoy what I am doing at the moment, and am considering doing a PhD in the near future, and going into academia full time.

4. Any other interesting activities or occupations that you have been involved in since leaving school.

I walked the Camino de Santiago, a 500 mile trek across Northern Spain in 2014. It was a gruelling six weeks of walking but an amazing experience! There are many other things along the way that I have been involved in, but the most exciting recent development is my engagement to my partner Andrew whom I met in my first year of university. We are due to be married in 2020.

(Summer 2018)