Old Bedalian 2003

After leaving Bedales I studied Medicine, with intercalated BSc in Physiology, for six years at University College London. I'm now coming to the end of my first year as a doctor and am looking forward to changing hospitals to begin a job in a busy London A&E department. I'm doing this particular job as part of my foundation training requires a certain amount of time in various different areas of medicine so as to gain a good overview by the end of year two as a fully qualified doctor. Despite a tough first year I am enjoying being a doctor, there's nothing else I would do. I think that my plentiful time spent on stage at Bedales has helped me in developing as a doctor both in the professional aspects of presentations in front of large audiences/important colleagues etc, and in the more personal aspect of the sudden and terrifying transition from being a student to a fully fledged professional where people are constantly expecting decisions and answers from you. In terms of the science background, I feel Bedales gave me a solid grounding from some excellent teachers without there ever being a large amount of competition or pressure."

In addition to my career as a doctor, I'm president of the medical school womens football club and am pleased to hear that there is now girls football at Bedales. I was involved in some visits to schools teaching sex education in my earlier years as a medical student and am interested in raising awareness regarding the consequences of smoking and unhealthy diets based on my own experiences in the hospital. I feel younger people are the target audience for making a change in our increasingly unhealthy society.