The Bedales Enrichment Programme is distinctively Bedalian.

We have seized the opportunity afforded by the new linear A Levels to develop a programme for Sixth Formers that encourages them to develop their interests, go beyond their courses, work independently and – importantly – to love learning.

To develop inquisitive thinkers with a love of learning who cherish independent thought

Bedales Schools: Aim 1

The Enrichment Programme is Bedalian in its idealism, breadth and content, and is structured around our conviction that education should be about “Head, Hand and Heart”, and that learning should be undertaken for its own sake. At the same time, The Enrichment Programme is by no means just idealistic. We want our students to be ready for university and to have developed the skills of independent learning that are so vital in Higher Education. The Enrichment Programme helps us to achieve this.

All students must choose Enrichment options worth at least 4 credits. If they pass all their courses, they are awarded the Bedales Enrichment Certificate. Those students taking 3 subjects should consider taking more Enrichment options, and if they gain 6 credits, they will be awarded the Bedales Enrichment Diploma.

See the courses currently on offer by viewing the booklet below or you can download the Bedales Enrichment Programme (PDF).

A credit is the equivalent of the work of one double period for one term: our short courses are worth one credit each. Some options are worth more credits, such as an Extended Project (worth 4 credits), which lasts two terms and requires considerable independent work. An Enrichment programme could be constructed from short courses, or from longer courses for more credits.

All of the courses culminate in a tangible ‘outcome’ of some sort, whether that is an artefact, an essay, a reflective record, or a presentation. Each course will be assessed on a pass / fail basis by the lead teacher. The courses contribute to the development of “Head, Hand and Heart” and we encourage students to take a range of courses so they develop not only intellectually, but in their ability to craft things, and to think empathetically. View the brochure above to find out more.

Read more about Extended Projects here.