Year 9 (Block 3)

As part of the Block 3 carousel with Dance, Drama seeks to establish good practice for group work, encourage a love of theatre as well as lay the foundations for those who wish to continue with Drama as a Bedales Assessed Course.

They study Drama for one term, Dance for one term and then look at physical theatre companies and create group pieces in the final term including elements of both disciplines.

The Drama term is divided into different stages, which open up various aspects of the subject including an introduction to Drama, Commedia D’ell Arte and Devising. Pupils also have the opportunity, outside lesson time, to get involved with the technical aspects of the theatre, through wardrobe and stage crew.

Throughout the year we aim to see self-confidence growing through students' greater understanding of group dynamics, of the expressive nature of not only the voice but the whole body and in a growing awareness of the impact we make on each other as individuals and groups. We also aim to maximise the opportunities presented by the Bedales Events programme by linking work whenever appropriate.

Those who are particularly keen on acting have many opportunities to audition for the main school play which usually takes place in the Autumn Term and the Summer Production (Blocks 3 and 4) taking place at the end of the Summer Term. 

Years 10 & 11 (Blocks 4 & 5) - BAC Theatre

The Bedales Assessed Course (BAC) in Theatre Arts offers two dynamic years of Drama, taught to GCSE marking standards but beyond the scope of what the GCSEs offer. It enables students of all abilities to explore a wide range of theatrical styles, offering real variety in terms of performance and design potential and providing many opportunities for individual development and group awareness. A broad introductory course in the first year leads into five wide-ranging and contrasting modules: Unit 1 Naturalism; Unit 2 Greek Theatre; Unit 3 Site-specific Shakespeare; Unit 4 Scripted Theatre; Unit 5 Devised Theatre.  Units 4 and 5 have public performance outcomes in the Bedales Olivier Theatre and are viewed by a visiting examiner to ensure standards are precisely maintained.

Sixth Form -  Drama and Theatre Studies

We are in the second year of reforms for Drama and Theatre Studies and as such are incredibly excited to be reinvigorating our teaching, following new avenues that suit our students best.  For this, after much consultation, we have changed exam boards from Edexcel to Eduqas.  This allows more textual extracts to be studied and gives us a great opportunity to choose a range of exciting and relevant texts and there is also devised study earlier in the course. We are really pleased to be studying devising earlier as we believe in the importance of devised work so much that even the 2015-16 whole school production was a devised show: created from scratch with students working in collaboration with their teachers. This need for excellence in both disciplines means that we are proud our current BAC specification is a thorough preparation but those who join us from outside will be given the necessary support from teachers who have a huge depth of subject knowledge in these two strands of dramatic education.  

Director of Drama and Dance: Phil Tattersall-King
Head of Academic Drama: Hayley Ager


Photos from previous productions
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  • Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream (December 2010) -programme and film 
  • Our Country's Good (December 2009) - programme
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