Listed below are some of our policies and forms:

Bedales policies

Three Schools policies

View Visiting Speakers Code of Conduct.

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View Dunannie's policies and Dunhurst's policies.

The success of our children’s education depends on a fruitful partnership between school, children and parents - view the Bedales Schools' Partnership Principles.

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  • A code of Professional Conduct for Staff
  • Adults Staying in Accommodation Linked to Boarding Houses Policy
  • ​Alcohol and Tobacco Policy
  • Catering and Food Hygiene Policy
  • Display Screen Equipment Policy Procedure
  • Drugs and Drug Screening Policy
  • Education Guardianship Policy 
  • Bedales Healthcare Policy (also available via the Parent portal)
  • Bedales Attendance, Student Supervision and Missing Child Policy
  • Bedales PSHE & Well-being and RSE Policies
  • Record Keeping Policy
  • Security, Access Control, Workplace Safety Policy
  • Swimming Pool Policy
  • Learning Support Policy
  • Lone Working Policy
  • Three Schools' Recruitment Policy

View the Bedales Parents' Handbook (September 2019).