Dunhurst is running the Young Leaders Award for Block 2 pupils, who will be able to further their knowledge when they come to Bedales. The courses encourage pupils to build their self confidence, leadership skills, and develop their ability to plan, lead and officiate a sports session. They also gain a better understanding about sport and how this can be used in the community. It is hoped that many of the pupils who take the course will be able to use their skills and knowledge to help with sport at Dunannie or in the community for local clubs.

Following on from this, students at Bedales have the opportunity to partake in their Lawn Tennis Association Level 1 Coaching Qualification. The course is two days long, followed by an assessment day at least three weeks later. The course is based on teaching Tennis to children aged 4-8. Students must complete Coursework between the first two days and the assessment. They must also obtain work experience in this time, opening up the opportunity for the students to teach Tennis at Dunannie. This course runs biannually at Bedales and provides the students a nationally recognised qualification that can be used at any tennis club in Britain.