Students with special educational needs (SEN) and specific learning difficulties are given help by a member of a team of qualified specialist teachers who hold additional (post graduate) qualifications for teaching students with Specific Learning Difficulties.  The Learning Support team may also aid students without specific learning problems but who require support with improving their organisation and study skills. 

Students with specific learning difficulties receive one-to-one support on a weekly basis with a specialist  teacher. Usually these lessons take place during a private study period; students are never withdrawn from academic lessons.  Typically students will receive one learning support lesson per week, but this depends on their individual need, and most of them will go on to achieve high grades at GCSE and A level. All but a few enter higher education where they read a wide range of subjects.

There is an additional charge for individual Learning Support lessons.

If you have any questions about Learning Support at Bedales, please contact Ruth Austen, Head of Learning Support, or the Admissions Department.