Eva Bishop
Eva Bishop
Old Bedalian 1998

When did you leave Bedales, and what did you do next?

I left Bedales in 1998 and went to the University of Bath (1999-2003), graduating with a BSc (Hons) in Business Administration.

What is your current role?

Online retail manager at ClimateCare (part of J.P. Morgan) – an offset retailer developing and funding emissions reduction technologies and projects across the developing world, and retailing the resulting carbon credits globally.

In what way did your time at Bedales influence your education and career progression?

My time at Bedales prepared me to meet the challenges and opportunities at University, both socially and educationally. There’s a degree of freedom to study allowed at Bedales mirrored in the learning environment of university, where it's up to the individual to get the most from the teachers and resources available.

Bedales is more about presenting children, or really young adults, with opportunities and resources, and letting them take what they want and make the most of their experience at the school. Much like the rest of life; it is all there for the taking – you just need to show initiative and confidence to have a go.

I returned to Bedales in 2009 for a 6.2 talk where one pupil voiced a concern that they’re less prepared than those who’ve been “hot-housed” through other schools to get top A-level results. I'd say the opposite is true. I think Bedales does produce top grade students, but more importantly, those whose only focus has been to achieve 3As at A-level will be half as employable and interesting as someone with 3Cs but self-confidence and a whole range of interests.

Aside from anything else school should be enjoyable, and certainly whilst I was there the teachers at Bedales tried very hard to achieve this for their students.

What is your fondest memory of Bedales?

Steephurst! It’s hard to beat the dorm environment, nipping through the corridors late at night having visited friends and trying not to be busted by Carole or Avril (then Housestaff). The level of friendliness I'd imagine is hard to find elsewhere.

Well, that and Le Mans!

What is your message to current Bedales students?

Don’t be afraid to have a go! It doesn’t matter what you want to do in life, if you enjoy what you do, the likelihood is that you will make a success of it.

What is your proudest achievement?

My gold medal at the 2006 CommonWealth Rowing Championships (in the Womens’ Quad Sculls). I worked really hard for it and the achievement is increasingly important to me the further away from the event that I get.