I don’t really know how to say this, but you need to come home. It’s Leo. He’s done it.

Along cycle paths, alleyways and canals, Cecilia Knapp’s coming-of-age story maps the journey of a girl from a seaside town, to the tenements of city life. It’s about a lot of things: growing up, Mothers, accidentally shaving your eyebrows, drinking wine, one night stands. But it’s mainly about losing her brother to suicide and how that affects a person.

Directed by Stef O’Driscoll (Nabokov, A Tale From A Bedsit, Kate Tempest’s Hopelessly Devoted) Finding Home is an evocative collaboration of words, projections, vocals and instrumentals, including music from world champion beat boxer Bellatrix and Tongue Fu founder Chris Redmond.

(14+ contains strong language and themes of an adult nature)

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Cecilia speaks directly to your heart with great honesty: spoken word that deftly blends the poetic and the theatrical.


Cecilia will be addressing the whole school community at Jaw, the school’s occasional moral and spiritual assembly, which was established by the school’s founder, John Haden Badley.

Cecilia will also be working with a group of drama students on devising and 6.1 creative writers (and a handful of lower school writers) inspiring them with approaches to creative writing.