After his literary career, writing poems from age 16-20, Arthur Rimbaud (1854-91) seeks another direction in life. In August 1880 at the age of 26 we see him in front of the Grand Hotel L’Univers in Aden, South Yemen, dressed in light white cotton clothes with a suitcase in his hand.  Later, Rimbaud, crippled with pain, lies on a self-constructed stretcher surrounded by Ethiopian porters that carry him the way from Harar to Zeilah.

Grusomhetens create theatre with the body’s own musicality, its breath and poetry, as the beginning for all actions.  With support from the Norwegian Arts Council they follow and develop Antonin Artaud’s vision of the Theatre of Cruelty.  Artaud wanted to awaken the inherent life force that exists in nature and that the Western man seems to have forgotten. Theatre thus becomes a tool for real life.

Beeing 125

John Badley had always encouraged the international element in Bedales life and former head, Tim Slack, followed on, playing a great part in establishing the Conference of Internationally-Minded Schools.  Our relationship with this company, with thanks to the Norwegian Arts Council, is utterly in keeping with Bedales of old but also new Bedales, now Global Awareness is part of the available curriculum options (as a BAC) at GCSE level study.

  • The production is directed by Lars Øyno, very meticulously, very eloquently…..The result is a mesmerizing timelessness.
    - Steve Capra, New York Theatre

  •  I have no doubt: Grusomhetens Teater is in many ways the most original and innovative free theater [sic] group in Norway.
    - IdaLou Larsen, Klassekampen