If a child is talented and hardworking, nothing should stop them from reaching their full potential. An inability to pay for an education that will allow a child to flourish and become the best possible version of themselves should not be a barrier.

The John Badley Foundation is ambitious and far reaching. It aims to offer fully funded places for children whose family circumstances mean that attending Dunhurst and Bedales would otherwise be impossible. In 2018/19, there are eight 100% funded bursary students in the school, although the aim is to achieve fourteen.

The school's intention is to fund a Sixth Form place in memory of Ruth Whiting, former Bedales Head of History, who died in April 2018. After a brief spell teaching in Nigeria, Ruth was appointed by Tim Slack in 1963 and spent the rest of her teaching career at Bedales, where she inspired a generation of young historians before retiring in 2000. Many of Ruth’s students went on to achieve high academic honours, crediting her with being a powerful influence on their success. More recently, Ruth continued her extraordinary contribution to the school community by working as an invigilator, commemorating the lives of Old Bedalians who died in the First World War (click here for more information), and researching the role Bedales played in the suffragist movement.

We believe Ruth would have endorsed this Sixth Form bursary initiative as the essential wholeness and rigour of education at Bedales was what she devoted the greater part of her life pursuing.

To make a donation to the Ruth Whiting Bursary, please complete and return a Donation Form (PDF version). 

There is more information about the John Badley Foundation bursary scheme here.

For more information and to discuss how to support the John Badley Foundation and the Ruth Whiting Bursary, please contact Rob Reynolds, Director of External Relations, tel: 01730 711577; e: development@bedales.org.uk.