Little Bedales formally opened its doors in 2017 with morning sessions on a Wednesday from 10am to 11.30am for babies to under 3s and their parents or guardians.

The school is passionate about extending the Dunannie ethos to a younger age group. This is the very first stage of the Bedales journey and we aim to create a happy and stimulating environment with an innovative edge. This is a school where childhood is respected, and relationships between children and teachers are strong. 

In 1893, John Haden Badley founded Bedales as a humane alternative to the authoritarian regimes of Victorian public schools. Today, the school remains a beacon for innovative education. John Badley believed that children should be encouraged to be curious and spontaneous through concrete learning, and Dunannie puts emphasis on learning through doing and making. Little Bedales encapsulates this same unique and visionary approach to education that is practised across Bedales Schools.

The nineteenth century educationalist Friedrich Fröebel coined the term ‘kindergarten’, which literally means ‘garden for children’, and this notion sits very well with what we do at Dunannie. A standard session might involve making music, yoga, introduction to languages and of course, plenty of outdoor exploration around the beautiful site.

Sessions take place in Dunannie’s barn which the Good Schools Guide described as “full of light and sunshine, a safe and magical world”.

For more information, or to book your place at Little Bedales, please contact the Registrar, Janie Jarman on 01730 711733 or email