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The Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference (HMC) has announced that Bedales Headmaster, Keith Budge, will be HMC Chair for 2017-18, and assumes the role of HMC Chair Elect from 1 September 2016. HMC represents the majority of the UK’s leading independent schools and has a growing international membership. The HMC Chair is a part-time and representative role carried out by a serving head.
Posted on 01 September 2016
Bedales students are celebrating this year’s GCSE results, with an impressive 31% awarded at the highest A* grade. 55% of grades were A*- A and 94% were A*- C (view photos).
Posted on 25 August 2016
In a recent article in TES, Alistair McConville backs government’s renewed enthusiasm for the teaching of grammar in schools, but argues that it must be age-appropriate, celebrate the diverse social and linguistic make-up of our society, and help facilitate the equalisation of opportunity for young people.
Posted on 22 August 2016
Students celebrated at Bedales School on Thursday with the highest percentage of A* grades since the top grade was introduced six years ago with 23% of grades at A*.
Posted on 18 August 2016
In June 2015, at the suggestion of the education publisher TES, Bedales headmaster Keith Budge and King Edward VI school headteacher Geoff Barton agreed to swap roles for a day, and report back on their experiences from the other side of the education sector fence. The initial result was a TES feature (‘Two leaders. Two sectors. One Vision’), and the exchange subsequently led to a jointly-run conference on school leadership (Liberating Leaders), held in May 2016. Now, a little more than a year after their being introduced, Keith and Geoff have recorded in a new TES article their thoughts on school partnership in the light of their work together.
Posted on 12 July 2016
Keith Budge, headmaster at Bedales School and Chair Elect of HMC for 2017-18, shares his thoughts at the end of the year as he gears up to gear down... Two working weeks left to the end of the summer term and the mental audit of the independent school leader goes something like this: Appointments: It’s time to get the final bits of leadership architecture in place for next year. People want to know exactly what is expected of them well before the end of term, but circumstances ("events"...) don't always allow the timing to be so neat and ideal. Will the changes that you have made bear fruit and mean that the new or re-jigged leadership position does what you expect? Year on thoughts: You see someone you appointed a year or two years ago in action. There was something of a battle to get that person in post or, perhaps, you created the post for them: what has s/he delivered? Was it worth it? Has your vision been realised?
Posted on 04 July 2016
The school with the arts at its heart has opened its eagerly awaited new Art & Design building. On Saturday 25 June, Bedales’ new two-storey timber clad building opened to cheers from parents and students in a ceremony incorporating an orchestra and choral singing as part of its annual Parents’ Day celebrations. The building combines all the Art and Design disciplines taught at Bedales under one roof – painting and fashion, industrial design and sculpture, woodwork, jewellery, ceramics, print-making, sculpting and drawing. A large oak tree dominates the development and the building backs onto the Outdoor Work department, which the school hopes will encourage collaboration between disciplines and engagement with the outdoors.
Posted on 01 July 2016
Colin Baty has been announced as the new Head of Bedales Prep School, Dunhurst (Steep, Hampshire) from September 2017. He will succeed Jane Grubb who has decided to stand down next summer after six years to pursue a new business venture. Colin taught at Dunhurst between 1999 and 2005 and his wife Debbie taught at Bedales Pre-prep, Dunannie, from 1996 to 2005 and grew up in Steep. They were also both house parents at the prep school.
Posted on 22 June 2016
In a recent article for Insight magazine (the magazine of the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference), Keith Budge discusses the crucial importance of the head to a school’s success, and offers some thoughts on how to pursue what he describes as “a great calling”. Keith explains that the head’s leadership influences and shapes not only how teachers lead but also how students lead, and that such influence occurs through the way in which heads go about their day-to-day business. For all that, the position of head is seen as lonely, and having the right people in the right places can ensure a team effort involving the governing board and senior leadership team.
Posted on 20 June 2016
At the ‘Liberating Leaders’ conference recently held at Bedales, Chief Inspector of Schools and Head of Ofsted Sir Michael Wilshaw lamented the lack of maverick leaders in state schools, and called for more flamboyant, colourful and slightly strange characters. In the face of an inadequate education system this is little more than papering over the cracks, argues Bedales chemistry teacher Scott Charlesworth in his latest blog for the Huffington Post. ‘Liberating Leaders’ was staged as part of the Bedales series of ‘Leading Independent Thinking’ events. Two years ago the subject was innovative education, whilst this focused on leadership. These are the two most important issues that the sector needs to address in the early 21st century, says Scott, who believes that traditional educational models are breaking down and that the authorities appear unwilling, too slow, or unable to make the necessary changes.
Posted on 10 June 2016