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The Petersfield Shakespeare Festival is set to return this summer in time to celebrate the 400 Anniversary of the great bard, with a nod to the entire canon by bringing to the stage a Tragedy, a Comedy, a History and… The Tempest!
Posted on 20 April 2016
The Charlie Waller Memorial Trust (CWMT), which raises awareness of mental health issues, fights stigma and educates people and professionals, is holding an awareness day at Bedales School on Friday 6 May.
Posted on 20 April 2016
With the Liberating Leaders conference in the offing – a collaborative venture between TES and Bedales – Keith Budge has offered his thoughts on successful school leadership in a TES webinar broadcast. In conversation with Andrew Maiden on 11 April, Keith explored how leaders can establish their vision, and considered questions of management style, desirable experience, and the evolution of school leadership. In order to establish their vision for a school, says Keith, leaders must listen – and keep listening...
Posted on 19 April 2016
Those who believe that the country’s approach to education has made a damaging turn towards the narrow and functional might pay attention to the work and career of Cicero, argues Bedales Deputy Head, Academic, Alistair McConville in a recent feature in the Times Educational Supplement.
Posted on 01 April 2016
In his recent Huffington Post blog (Blind Faith: Enough Is Enough! It Is Time We Start Manufacturing Real Change in Our State Education System), Bedales chemistry teacher Scott Charlesworth reflects on his educational journey, questions whether state schools are succeeding in preparing young people for adult life, and dedicates himself to reform of the system. As a child Scott saw state education as his route out of poverty and his model for how he might contribute to society. Despite now being considered successful however, he is left wondering as to the purpose of his schooling – his A grades, he says, did little to prepare him for life beyond the school gates. His school friends had similar stories to tell....
Posted on 30 March 2016
For school leaders, aspiring leaders and sixth form students: Attend a leadership conference with a difference at Bedales School, working in partnership with the TES on 25 May 2016. The event will give delegates the tools and knowledge to be innovative and creative in how they run a school and the confidence to maintain their individuality. Student delegates will be given the tools to prepare them for taking on leadership roles in their schools. Speakers include Sir Michael Wilshaw, chief inspector and head of Ofsted...
Posted on 15 March 2016
In its ‘leadership‘ series, the TES has featured an article by Keith Budge, Headmaster of Bedales, on learning from failure. The article acknowledges the recent government push on developing “character, resilience and grit” in our young people, but questions whether schools – or rather our approach to schooling as a whole – also contributes to the problem of pupil stress and rising mental health issues. The article quotes a recent Demos publication, “Mind Over Matter”, which found that pupils in the UK lose confidence and are less happy as they move through the school system, and are less likely to believe that their teachers think that they will be successful; a third of final-year pupils believe that their school is focused on preparing them to succeed only in exams, rather than in life.
Posted on 14 March 2016
Inspired by First Give, a charity that helps young people use their time and talent to improve their communities, students at Bedales School have won grants totalling £1,500 for charities in the local area.
Posted on 19 February 2016
In the recently published Spring/Summer issue of School House magazine, Bedales Headmaster Keith Budge explains why the school introduced Bedales Assessed Courses (BACs) to replace some non-core GCSEs. He points to increasing concern about wellbeing amongst young people, and a growing awareness that the provision of schools in this regard is crucial. Of particular importance, he suggests, is the finding in a recent report from think-tank Demos that as young people reach their final year of school they are increasingly likely to report exam stress, believing that their school is interested only in results at the expense of their wider education. Keith Budge says: “To its credit, the Government is alert to this issue. However, I am concerned that the wellbeing of students tends to be seen as a discrete part of school life, separate from the issues of curriculum, learning orthodoxies and assessment.”
Posted on 15 February 2016
In January 2016 Bedales parents gathered for a presentation by Dr Michael Carr-Gregg – adolescent psychologist of 30 years standing, Honorary Psychologist to the Australian Boarding Schools Association, agony uncle to Girlfriend magazine and Old Dunhurstian. Dr Carr-Gregg shared research insights into the mental health of young people in both the UK and Australia, discussed strategies that young people might employ to ensure good mental health, and encouraged parents to intervene early if they felt something was wrong. Continue reading for a summary of Dr Carr-Gregg’s presentation and to access slides from the talks.
Posted on 05 February 2016