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Kirstie Allsopp reminisces about her time at Bedales and recalls her favourtie teachers, read the full article here.
Posted on 12 November 2014
"Are we witnessing, if not facilitating, the death of intuition in teaching?" This is a question teachers are beginning to ask themselves as what and how they teach are increasingly monitored and controlled. And it is an issue that Alistair McConville, deputy headteacher at Bedales School in Hampshire, tackles in the 7 November issue of TES. “The modern obsession with evidence-based practice and measurable outcomes is blurring the purpose of education and undermining authentic and laudable motivations for entering the profession," he writes. "What scope is there for such intangible factors as spontaneity, creativity or relationship-building in teaching today?” Read the full article here.
Posted on 06 November 2014
"It is worrying to see the persistence of some damaging beliefs about effective pedagogy, such as the belief that it is important to teach with a pupil’s preferred learning style in mind, which leads to teachers pigeon-holing students and perpetuating a fixed mindset about how they can or cannot learn." says Bedales' Alistair McConville in The Guardian. Read the full article: 'What makes great teaching? – expert views'.
Posted on 31 October 2014
100 years to the day that he completed his first poem, celebrated war poet and Steep resident Edward Thomas is to be commemorated.
Posted on 24 October 2014
Bedales Schools in the Tatler Schools Guide 2015: "And the point of Bedales is to be different." Read more here.
Posted on 21 October 2014
"Roly Botha is worried about leaving school after he takes his A-levels next year, but not for the reasons you might imagine.
Posted on 01 October 2014
"Whenever I am asked what I do for a living, I take a deep breath before delivering my rather long-winded title. I am a director of teaching and learning. Confused looks usually follow, especially from people of my generation. I usually say that it’s something akin to a director of studies in old money. I am left feeling as though I have misrepresented my role. However, it is important that we do define this job, as it is a crucial cog in the school wheel." says Bedales's Alistair McConville in TES. Read the full article here.
Posted on 22 August 2014
Bedales Headmaster Keith Budge on GCSE assessments and the move to Bedales' own BACs, published in The Telegraph.
Posted on 22 August 2014
Head of Religious Studies and Philosophy at Bedales, Clare Jarmy writes about 'Knowledge' in the TES: "Teach the facts, we’re told, and the rest will take care of itself. But when it comes to imparting wisdom, nothing is black and white. Educationalists often highlight the importance of skills over facts, but it cannot be denied that imparting knowledge is vital to what we do as teachers. This is made clear by the fact that it is repeatedly referenced in curriculum and exam requirements. The first stated aim of England’s 2014 national curriculum, for example, is to provide pupils with “an introduction to the essential knowledge they need to be educated citizens”. Read the full article here.
Posted on 02 August 2014
The National Theatre’s New Views programme seeks to project the voice of young students from the classroom onto
Posted on 24 June 2014