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In a blog for the Independent Schools Council (ISC), Bedales Head of Global Awareness, Abi Wharton, explains how a group of students sought to tackle the issue of hunger as part of their
Posted on 03 September 2018
Bedales is celebrating an exceptional performance on GCSE results day with the highest ever percentage of grades - 61.6% - at A*/A or equivalent (i.e. new grades 9/8/7).
Posted on 23 August 2018
In a recent article for TES, Bedales Head of Sciences Emily Seeber discusses the importance of research-led practice for the professional teacher, and advises colleagues to appraise original studies rather than rely on summaries and pointers informed by findings.
Posted on 21 August 2018
Students at Bedales are celebrating after securing places at the most prestigious educational institutions in the world – including Oxbridge, Yale, and a number of leading music conservatoires and art colleges – following the publication of A Level results this week.
Posted on 17 August 2018
Celebrations to commemorate the 125th anniversary year of Bedales School came to a head at the end of term when the school held their annual Parents’ Day on 30 June.
Posted on 09 July 2018
In his final week as headmaster of Bedales, Keith Budge attended a discussion at 10 Downing Street on how to encourage partnerships between schools in the independent and m
Posted on 06 July 2018
The John Badley Foundation is delighted to launch the 2018 online auction with sincere thanks for the many generous contributions from parents and Old Bedalians.
Posted on 20 June 2018
Bedales Prep School, Dunhurst, features in an article on learning outdoors in Angels & Urchins Summer 2018 magazine.
Posted on 09 June 2018
The knowledge-rich curriculum is an ideal worth fighting for, but under the current system – further hindered by the selective use of cognitive science – it’s just not plausible, argues Bedales Head of Sciences, Emily Seeber, in an article for TES.
Posted on 08 June 2018
Sir Roger Penrose, Emeritus Rouse Ball Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford and Emeritus Fellow of Wadham College, Oxford, delivered the annual Science Eckersley lecture to a packed Bedales Theatre of students, staff, parents and local community on 17 May.
Posted on 07 June 2018


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