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In a recent article for School House magazine, Keith Budge counsels against government’s enthusiasm for the direct transfer of independent sector expertise to the state sector, and argues instead that any institutional learning must be a two-way street.
Posted on 06 February 2017
In a recent issue of Beautiful South magazine, Jo Webbern, Head of Bedales Pre-prep School, Dunannie, explains the ethos of teaching vital life skills through the fostering of creativity, individuality and contact with the natural world. Bedales founder John Haden Badley believed that children should be encouraged to be curious and spontaneous, and be allowed to flourish independently and guided only when necessary. Learning should be an active, meaningful and purposeful experience.
Posted on 10 January 2017
It is well known that fresh air, being active and spending time outdoors are all great for both mental and physical health. The same is also true when it comes to outdoor learning at school, where almost any subject can be taught in an outdoor setting. Outdoor learning is a core subject at Bedales, with every class timetabled for 70 minutes per week. The children learn bushcraft, horticulture, animal husbandry and a variety of other crafts. They take responsibility for the wellbeing of bees, pigs, chickens and ducks. Other subject areas are also pursued through outdoor learning.
Posted on 06 January 2017
In an article for TES, Alistair McConville argues that if it is to be revived, then we must do more than plead for its usefulness, and instead stress its value for greater global understanding and collaboration. Opinion amongst students on this subject is divided. For some, the ability to access another language opens exciting horizons, whilst for others, the ‘foreign-languages-as-punishment’ narrative seems all too plausible. There is a justified perception, both amongst students, teachers and guardians of a school’s performance statistics, that it is disproportionately hard to achieve good grades in GCSE and A Level languages.
Posted on 06 January 2017
In an article for New Forest Living magazine, Keith Budge discusses the Bedales approach to schooling, and the importance of time and space to students in shaping their educational journeys.
Posted on 05 January 2017
In a recent article for TES, Clare Jarmy flies in the face of accepted wisdom by suggesting that lesson planning is better when undertaken in partnership with students.
Posted on 04 January 2017
In an article for The Telegraph, Bedales Head of Boarding Jenni Brittain reflects on a year of political turmoil. As she works to prepare students for life beyond the school gates, she asks whether they are best protected from or challenged by a rising tide of illiberal ideas, and concludes that such thinking must be acknowledged first if it is to be defeated.
Posted on 14 December 2016
In a recent blog on the HMC (the Headmasters’ & Headmistresses’ Conference) website, Keith Budge reflects on the tenor of the recent American election, and reflects on how schools might best respond to what he sees as a concerted threat to liberalism. The answer, he suggests, lies in teachers being politically engaged and encouraging the same in their students.
Posted on 07 December 2016
An article in Hampshire Life explores the origins of Bedales, and Jo Webbern explains how pre-prep school Dunnanie teaches vital life skills through the fostering of creativity, individuality and contact with the natural world.
Posted on 25 November 2016
Children at Bedales Pre-prep, Dunannie were busy fundraisers last week with two events raising money for worthy causes.
Posted on 23 November 2016