“Bedales is a culturally distinctive school” – The Telegraph

Posted on 13th April 2018

In a recent Telegraph independent schools supplement with the theme of character building, Keith Budge explains that Bedales is a culturally distinctive school that values the practical as well as the cerebral, with an enthusiasm for individualism and achievement balanced by a commitment to the wellbeing of the wider community.

This is reflected in both the school’s application process and the scholarships on offer. Keith says: “We do not use the Common Entrance Examination, and while we see academic potential as very important, it is only one consideration when ensuring a good fit between student and school”.

The admissions assessment is about ensuring compatibility, with the school encouraging close bonds between teachers and students. The Bedales approach requires students to participate fully in their own learning, and to be comfortable with contributing and working with others, and to explore new ways of doing things. The school looks for potential in this regard at the admissions stage.

Scholarships are awarded across a broad range of activities and they provide a fund for groups or individuals to fuel their appetite for research, enquiry and development.

Keith concludes:  “We aspire to provide an education that equips pupils to live well on their own terms, respectfully of others. We encourage them to excel, to develop their interests, and to decide who and what they want to be. It may mean further academic study, but we don’t assume this. It’s their education, not ours”.

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