In recent weeks, much time has been spent in the Economics department discussing the merits (or otherwise) of the various Economics syllabi of the main exam boards.
Posted on 29 August 2013
Dunhurst parents Sarah Brown and Amanda Brewer have launched a special property finding service for Bedales parents – Keystone Homefinders.
Posted on 28 August 2013
Last term, I was lucky enough to spend a little time with Nursery and Reception as part of my focus on “Money Week”, a nationally recognised week in June when schools across the country place a stronger emphasis on education relating to mo
Posted on 23 August 2013
Bedales celebrated impressive exam results on GCSE results day with over half the grades awarded at A* or A.
Posted on 22 August 2013
Bedales students have achieved strong A Level results for 2013 with 40% of all grades at A*-A.
Posted on 15 August 2013
For the second year running Bedales hosted a special summer barbecue event for over 100 guests from Home-Start Butser, a local charity helping families with young children to cope through a difficult time in their lives.
Posted on 14 August 2013
We continue to be proud of Bedalians as they follow their individual paths to careers, professions and vocations after leaving school.
Posted on 13 August 2013
In the Summer term, Bedales hosted 10 children from deprived areas in Belarus for four days of action-packed fun as part of a four week visit to the UK with the aim of them returning home refreshed, healthier, happier and more hopeful for the future.
Posted on 12 August 2013
11 students in 6.1 travelled to the University of Oxford last term to attend one of their annual Open Days.
Posted on 08 August 2013
From time to time various books about Bedales are advertised on eBay and second-hand book websites.
Posted on 06 August 2013