"Roly Botha is worried about leaving school after he takes his A-levels next year, but not for the reasons you might imagine.
Posted on 01 October 2014
There can be no greater example to set our children than to work alongside them, be it with hoe, grubbing mattock, spade, shovel or a rather alarming pair of hedge croppers and share with them the satisfaction that working outdoors and undertaking manual work together can bring us.
Posted on 30 September 2014
On 15 September I gave an assembly on the importance of reading. There is a growing body of evidence which illustrates the importance of reading for pleasure, for both educational purposes as well as personal development.
Posted on 26 September 2014
Having been well informed of the key arguments from both sides in Wednesday's Jaw, Bedales students and staff had the opportunity to participate in an in-school mini referendum last Thursday, voting on the same question as the Scottish electorate.
Posted on 25 September 2014
Children at Bedales Pre-prep, Dunannie have been enjoying a summer of learning and creativity in their new willow sculpture, which they designed and built in the Spring.
Posted on 22 September 2014
With fine weather and energised summer moods, Block 3s escaped to Ullswater last week as part of their Bedales welcome.
Posted on 22 September 2014
On 13 September, we had the pleasure of listening to a range of speakers on the philosophy of...an array of interesting topics and issues.
Posted on 21 September 2014
Earlier this month, Education Secretary Nicky Morgan wrote to teaching unions expressing concern at what she considered to be unnecessary work imposed on teachers that takes them away from the classroom.
Posted on 19 September 2014
Leaving school early on Saturday July 5, the day after the end of term, 36 Bedales musicians and six members of staff set off for a five day concert tour of Normandy.
Posted on 11 September 2014
On the Monday morning of 7 July, just two days after the end of term, Helen Retter, Kevin Boniface and Sonia Cartwright led 23 bucolic Bedales hockey players aged 14-17 to Rotterdam, home to the largest hockey club in the Netherlands.
Posted on 11 September 2014