"It is worrying to see the persistence of some damaging beliefs about effective pedagogy, such as the belief that it is important to teach with a pupil’s preferred learning style in mind, which leads to teachers pigeon-holing students and perpetuating a fixed mindset about how they can or cannot learn." says Bedales' Alistair McConville in The Guardian. Read the full article: 'What makes great teaching? – expert views'.
Posted on 31 October 2014
Bedales Schools in the Tatler Schools Guide 2015: "And the point of Bedales is to be different." Read more here.
Posted on 21 October 2014
Attended by teachers and students from a range of schools, as well as educationalists, the conference explored alternatives to what is seen in some quarters as a limited and over-prescriptive approach to formal education from policy makers.
Posted on 15 October 2014
When I read an article in the Independent just before I started at Dunhurst – I was struck by how lucky I felt to have escaped a system of education that operated in this way. But ultimately it made me feel sad for the fantastic colleagues I was leaving in that environment, and the wonderful children I taught trapped in this game of numbers. It elevated the high hopes I already had for working here and put into words the feelings that had prompted the move I made.
Posted on 15 October 2014
Those who believe that achievement in examinations is the measure of all things educational can be surprised to find that at Bedales Prep, the overriding priority is to have a happy school explains, Jane Grubb, Head of Bedales Prep School, Dunhurst. Jane says: "For example, we only employ teachers we can see will have a strong rapport with pupils – who listen to them, and don’t preach. We foster, and expect, mutual respect – adult to child, and vice versa. Our pupils are on first name terms with our teachers, and we encourage that sense of belonging in a community. We want our pupils to feel valued: we give our pupils choice and encourage them to have opinions - they have a considerable voice in shaping their school and we encourage them to think more broadly about the world around them. There is a great emphasis on pastoral care, both peer to peer and from teachers." Read the full article, published by the Independent Schools Council, here.
Posted on 15 October 2014
Speaking recently on Radio 4’s The Today programme on the subject of a new Ofsted report on disruption in classrooms, Sir Michael Wilshaw observed that teachers need the support of heads in tackling poor behaviour, and that the latter “need to get out of the office and into the corridors”.
Posted on 08 October 2014
The Badley Celebration Weekend is an annual celebration of the educational principles of founder John Badley, and is one of the most significant events in the three schools’ calendar.
Posted on 03 October 2014
"Roly Botha is worried about leaving school after he takes his A-levels next year, but not for the reasons you might imagine.
Posted on 01 October 2014