'Relegating the arts in favour of STEM is a big mistake' writes Keith Budge in The Telegraph. Whilst it is true that STEM subjects are vital, Mr Budge says there seems to be an instinct to promote them at the expense of a wider education: "Whilst it is undoubtedly true that STEM subjects are vital, and I welcome the initiatives outlined by the Prime Minister, I remain concerned about what I see as an instinct to promote them at the expense of a wider education." Read the full article here.
Posted on 18 December 2014
Head of Drama, Phil King, talks about the nature of reforms for drama at GCSE and A-level and questions whether schools 'get' the value of drama. He says: "Although I am heartened by the growing sense that the qualification reforms will retain a significant proportion of non-examined assessment, clarification is needed about what “exam” means. Drama is a subject that exists in live form, and a formal sit-down test may not capture the subject’s value." Read the full article, published in The Guardian here.
Posted on 17 December 2014
'Why art is as important as science': As Bedales hits the headlines with its recent fundraising auction of Tracey Emin and Sir Terence Conran artworks, Bedales’ Head, Keith Budge, argues that an Art and Design education should go hand in hand with a science education… Read the full article, publi
Posted on 14 December 2014