Keith Budge, headmaster of Bedales School says private schools need to do more to ensure their pupils are better clued up about political debates. His warning was published by The Telegraph after he spent a day at King Edward VI, a sixth form college located in Suffolk, during a job swap experiment. Mr Budge said: “A danger of all enclosed communities, which in a sense schools tend to be, is that they become too inward looking and one of the things that I feel is a great strength at King Edward VI is that it is naturally very well connected with its local community. There is a sort of savviness, an awareness of the issues of the day and in particular of some of the political issues.”
Posted on 19 June 2015
David Anson, Head of English at Bedales school is quoted in The Guardian on how to encourage boys to read. “It is often hard to find texts that both parents and teenagers can enjoy together. Reading a series of themed ‘classics’ such as all the James Bond novels, coupled with a weekly pizza and film night is a great way to create a scheduled time in the week without distractions when everyone in the family reads.” Read the full article here.
Posted on 12 June 2015