Bedales School featured in a discussion about the pros and cons of school uniforms in Independent Education Today in August. Headmaster Keith Budge says: "The strength of Bedales’ close-knit and long-standing community is proof uniform is not required to promote a sense of belonging."
Posted on 28 August 2015
Bedales celebrated impressive exam results on GCSE results day with over a quarter of its students - 26 from a cohort of 102 - achieving a minimum of nine grades A*-A; 16 of them were educated at Bedales Prep, Dunhurst prior to progressing to Bedales senior school.
Posted on 20 August 2015
Bedales teachers Clare Jarmy and Martin Jones appear in a Guardian story on independent schools making good use of their independent status. Creating its own qualifications is one way in which the school uses its independence well, with students leaving year 11 with up to five Bedales Assessed Courses (BACs) as well as IGCSEs. BACs have been created in a variety of subjects, including Ancient Civilisations, Classical Music and Outdoor Work. Grading schemes are identical to those for GCSEs, with programmes externally moderated, built around coursework and designed to develop independent learning skills.
Posted on 18 August 2015
Bedales students have achieved strong A Level results for 2015 with the school’s highest ever percentage of A* grades at 17%.
Posted on 13 August 2015