Jo Webbern, Head of Bedales Pre-prep School Dunannie, is the subject of a profile in Baby Hampshire magazine (Meet the Head, July/Aug 2015, with thanks to Baby Hampshire for permission to publish). Jo Webbern joined in the summer term of 2010, having known the school for many years and harboured the idea of one day becoming head. On taking up her post she was struck by the transparency, creativity and mutual respect that characterised life at Dunannie. She explains that the founder of Bedales, JH Badley, believed that children should be educated through ‘Head, Hand and Heart’. Accordingly, from an early age children are encouraged to develop inquisitive and enquiring minds, in an environment that fosters their imagination and creative abilities. She says: “We want pupils to acquire transferable skills for the future, and for them to learn through doing in an enriching and challenging curriculum.”
Posted on 15 October 2015