School Report - Interview with Colin Baty, Head of Bedales Prep, Dunhurst

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In an article for A+ Education magazine, Colin Baty, Head of Bedales Prep, Dunhurst, discusses the importance of creativity and a love of learning to the school’s curriculum.

Dunhurst was founded in 1902, born of the arts and crafts movement, and this influence remains strong today with school encouraging pupils to become creative, independent thinkers and learners.

Colin says: “Creativity is the life force running through every part of Dunhurst – art, music and design are not relegated to an individual classroom but weave their way into all parts of school life."

He continues: “Many parents are increasingly tired of academic ‘hot-housing’ and Dunhurst’s approach has real resonance at the moment. Our pupils achieve excellent academic results – we can track their progress through to the end of their time with Bedales – but they do not feel the pressure that can be so damaging to children at a young age.”

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