Bedales Assessed Courses showcase students' talents

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Bedales students are celebrating after the publication of GCSE and Bedales Assessed Courses (BAC) results, with 16 of them achieving a minimum of nine grades 8/9 (equivalent to A*), 11 of whom attended Bedales Prep, Dunhurst prior to progressing to Bedales Senior (indicated by †). 

Bedales’ unique curriculum means that students take a combination of the school’s own BACs combined with five core I/GCSE subjects. Introduced in 2006, BACs are now well established, and involve a broader range of content, choice and assessment methods than the more traditional GCSE, enabling students to pursue their interests, passions and talents. 

This year’s high achievers include: 

Eben Macdonald, who has been awarded an academic scholarship for sixth form, and gained nine grade 9s in I/GCSE English Language, Maths, Chemistry, Classical Greek, Physics, Russian, and BACs in English Literature, History and Philosophy, Religion and Ethics, and one grade 8 in IGCSE Biology; 

Academic and music scholar Coco Witheridge, who achieved nine grade 9s in I/GCSE English Language, Maths, Science (Double Award), Classics, French and BACs in Art, Music and Philosophy, Religion and Ethics; 

Millie Harris† – seven grade 9s in I/GCSE English Language, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, French and BAC Global Awareness and Sports Science, two grade 8s in IGCSE Maths and BAC Dance, and one grade 7 in GCSE Spanish; 

Arlo Martin† – seven grade 9s in I/GCSE Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, French, Spanish and BAC History, two grade 8s in GCSE English Language and BAC Geography, and one grade 7 in BAC Sports Science; 

Rowena Le Poer Trench† – seven grade 9s in I/GCSE English Language, Science (Double Award), French and BACs in Dance, English Literature and Theatre Studies, and two grade 8s in IGCSE Maths and BAC History; 

Connor O’Donoghue† – five grade 9s in I/GCSE English Language, Biology, Physics, French and Latin, and five grade 8s in I/GCSE Maths, Chemistry, and BAC English Literature, History and Sports Science;

Music Scholar Leela Walton† – five grade 9s in I/GCSE English Language, Science (Double Award) and BACs in Music and Sports Science, two grade 8s in IGCSE Maths and BAC Global Awareness, and two grade 7s in GCSE French and BAC English Literature; 

Nate Shuster – four grade 9s in I/GCSE Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Chinese, five grade 8s in I/GCSE Biology, English Language and BACs in Geography, Game Design and Philosophy, Religion and Ethics, and one grade 7 in GCSE Spanish; 

Lula Goldring† – four grade 9s in I/GCSE English Language, Science (Double Award) and BAC Theatre Studies, four grade 8s in GCSE French, BAC in Art, Design and Ancient Civilisation and one grade 7 in IGCSE Maths; 

Thomas Montagu – two grade 9s in one half of the IGCSE Science (Double Award) and BAC Geography, 5 grade 8s in I/GCSE English Language, Maths, the second half of the Science (Double Award), French and BAC Global Awareness, and two grade 7s in BAC Design and Philosophy, Religion and Ethics; 

Head of Bedales Magnus Bashaarat commented: “Congratulations to our students on their impressive GCSE and Bedales Assessed Course results. They have succeeded in the difficult circumstances and disruption of the last two years, adapting their learning styles and remaining positive and motivated. Our own Bedales Assessed Courses take a broader approach to content and assessment than GCSEs which means we were able to adapt them with minimal disruption. I would like to thank our teachers for responding so effectively in supporting students. These students are now well equipped for the Bedales Sixth Form and A Level studies alongside our innovative enrichment programme.”  

Students in Block 4 (Year 10) can choose from the following BAC options: Ancient Civilisations; Art; Dance; Design (Product or Fashion); Digital Game Design; English Literature; Geography; Global Awareness; History; Music; Philosophy, Religion and Ethics; Outdoor Work; Sports Science and Theatre Studies. 

Bedales retains a core of five IGCSE and GCSEs (English, Mathematics, Double or Triple Award Science and a Modern Foreign Language), while also offering BACs as an alternative to GCSE for increased depth, more active learning and stimulating material, less prescriptive syllabuses and a wider range of assessments including group and individual projects, presentations, essays, and portfolios in addition to written examinations. 


† Indicates student attended Bedales Prep, Dunhurst prior to Bedales. 

Results are subject to appeal. 

Photo: Bedales Assessed Course Theatre Studies Devised Performance