Bedales Art & Design recognised as one of UK’s best new buildings

Posted on 26th June 2017

The new Bedales Art & Design building has been awarded a National Award by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

Making “significant contributions to architecture”, the RIBA National Award winners are exemplars of design, innovation and ambition in building. Judges commended Bedales’ ability to learn from other bigger projects to “deliver something of value in a smaller building with a constrained budget” and also for “meaningful student involvement throughout the process; from inception and participating in the selection of the architect, through to use of spaces and detail.”

Alongside Bedales and among the 49 winners this year are a new wing for the Tate Modern Museum, the British Airways i360 visitor attraction on Brighton seafront and timber framed buildings for the National Arboretum in Gloucestershire.

In their report on the Bedales Art & Design building, RIBA judges stated: “This is a building that engages with the landscape, bringing the outside and inside spaces together, and with the use of simple materials which help to make the two be read together. Playful use of light through layering of lattice screens to façade and external covered areas offers a joyful and varied experience for users and visitors alike. It is a piece of intelligent client commissioning and a great design response.”

Keith Budge, Headmaster of Bedales Schools, commented: “We love our new Art & Design building and are extremely grateful to all those who helped turn our initial ideas into such a wonderful and inspiring place for teaching and learning. It stands out as one of the finest buildings in our architecturally rich environment and is a further reminder of the school’s commitment to creating buildings that are as beautiful as they are useful.”   

This National Award for Bedales comes after receiving four RIBA regional awards last month. Having opened for teaching in September 2016, the Bedales Art & Design building is now in contention for the prestigious RIBA Stirling Award for the best building in the UK. 

Bedales in the local press