Bedales highest ever performance at top GCSE grades

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Bedales is celebrating an exceptional performance on GCSE results day with the highest ever percentage of grades - 61.6% - at A*/A or equivalent (i.e. new grades 9/8/7). Eight students who are all progressing into Bedales Sixth Form achieved at least nine grades at A*/9/8 - including one student who secured eleven A*/9 grades.

Students at Bedales study a unique combination of three different qualifications: IGCSE, GCSE and the school’s own Bedales Assessed Course (BAC). This year, exams have been assessed using a combination of the new numerical grading structure and the old alphabetical grading system, which will be phased out altogether by 2020.

Former Bedales Prep School, Dunhurst pupil (all of whom are marked †) Freya Leonard† leads the way with a combined total of eleven A*/9 grades, gaining IGCSEs in English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics; GCSEs in French, Latin and Spanish; and BACs in Art, Geography, and Philosophy, Religion and Ethics (PRE).

Other high achievers were:

  • Thomasina Rowntree†; - gained ten grades at A*/9/8 in IGCSE English Language, Biology, Chemistry, Physics; GCSE French, Latin and Spanish; and BACs in English Literature, Global Awareness and History; and one grade 7 in IGCSE Mathematics.
  • Yaya Caird - achieved ten A*/9/8 grades in IGCSE Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics; GCSE Japanese and Latin; and BACs in Art, Design, Global Awareness and Theatre Studies; and a grade 7 in IGCSE English.
  • Toby Fairs - gained nine A*/9/8 grades in IGCSE English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics; GCSE Latin; BACs in Design, History and PRE; and an A grade in GCSE Russian.
  • Gabriel Samarine - secured nine grades at A*/9/8 in IGCSE English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics; GCSE French and Russian; BAC English Literature and PRE; and a grade 7 in GCSE Latin.
  • Anthony White†; - gained nine grades at A*/9/8 in IGCSE English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics; BAC Ancient Civilisation, Design, Geography and Global Awareness; and a grade 4 in GCSE German.
  • Lily McGregor - secured nine grades at A*/9/8 in IGCSE English, Mathematics, Double Science; GCSE Spanish; BAC Art, English Literature, History and PRE.
  • Thea Levine - achieved nine grades at A*/9/8 in IGCSE English Language, Mathematics and Science Double Award; GCSE French; and BAC Art, Design, Geography and Theatre Studies.

Bedales Headmaster, Magnus Bashaarat, commented:

“Congratulations to our students who performed so well, especially at the highest grades. Particularly impressive is that over half of students achieved at least the equivalent of two grade As in Science subjects. These results bode well as students prepare for our Sixth Form, where they choose short enrichment courses alongside A Levels to explore beyond their academic subjects – such as code-breaking, photography or sports coaching. Bedales students can therefore look forward to an enjoyable Sixth Form experience as well as being well prepared for accessing the most demanding universities and careers”.

This year also sees the first cohort completing the Global Awareness BAC, which was introduced to the Bedales curriculum in 2016, placing emphasis on using 21st century skills – such as critical and creative thinking, collaboration and communication – to understand and address global issues that are connected to a range of subjects but have traditionally been absent from the secondary curriculum. This proved to be the most popular BAC option with half of students opting to study this new course and 70.2% achieving grades 9/8/7.

Bedales retains a compulsory core of five IGCSEs/GCSEs (English, Mathematics, Double or Triple Award Science and a Modern Foreign Language) while also offering BACs as an alternative to GCSE to offer increased depth, more active learning and stimulating material, less prescriptive syllabuses and a wider range of assessment methods.

Students can choose from the following BAC options: Ancient Civilisation; Art; Classical Music; Dance; Design; English Literature; Geography; Global Awareness; History; Philosophy, Religion and Ethics; Outdoor Work; Sports Science and Theatre Studies.

BACs are graded according to their own assessment criteria and this year followed the new numerical GCSE grading convention for the first time. Internally assessed and moderated externally by experts in each field, the level of attainment is at least as difficult as the corresponding GCSE grade, and in many cases the demand goes beyond GCSE.

Bedales students achieving at least nine A*/A/9/8/7 grades also included:

  • Hannah Mazas† – 8 A*/9/8; 2 A/7; and 1 B/6/5
  • Louis Beecham† – 7 A*/9/8 and 4 A/7
  • Aria Luo – 8 A*/9/8; 1 A/7; 1 B/6/5; and 1 C/4
  • Sophia Fuchs – 4 A*/9/8 and 7 A/7
  • Carter Clothier† – 7 A*/9/8 and 3 A/7
  • Marcus Bugge – 6 A*/9./8; 3 A/7; and 1 B/6/5
  • Aidan Hall – 8 A*/9/8 and 1 A/7
  • Hanna Dunleavy – 5 A*/9/8; 4 A/7; and 1 B/6/5
  • Raffy Clarke Hall – 8 A*/9/8 and 1 A/7
  • Phoebe Peppiatt† – 4 A*/9/8; 5 A/7; and 1 B/6/5

† Indicates student attended Bedales Prep School, Dunhurst prior to Bedales.

Note results are provisional and subject to review.

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