BedalesAtHome - Spring 2021

Academic & Curriculum, Bedales Pre-Prep, Dunannie, Bedales Prep, Dunhurst, Bedales Senior

Following the government's announcement that schools will close for the first half of the Spring term 2021 in response to the COVID pandemic, teachers at Bedales, Dunhurst and Dunannie have been busy preparing our online delivery of teaching and learning. In the last lockdown, our programme of high quality education continued, with pupils and teachers demonstrating great resilience and innovation to produce some great work, both individually and collaboratively. We also learnt many lessons which have informed our offering.

We look forward to seeing the Bedalian 'head, hand, heart' spirit of community and creativity come to the fore this term. For more details of each school's offering, please see below:

Bedales - Online Guidelines 2021

Bedales Prep, Dunhurst - Online Guidelines 2021

Bedales Pre-prep, Dunannie - Online Guidelines 2021