Boarding…a balanced education

Posted on 22nd February 2017

For some young people, school has come to mean an unreasonably long working day, and relentless stress associated with competition and assessment. This can be especially true for those who live in London, where the number of what are seen by some as ‘good’ school places – whether in the state or independent sector – is massively outweighed by demand.

This can have pernicious effects. Ian Hunt of education consultancy Gabbitas has suggested that the ‘super-commute’ – children travelling to school for an hour or more each way – is becoming more common.  Susan Hamlyn of The Good Schools Guide is concerned that such time spent in transit can drive a wedge between school and home life and preclude extra-curricular activities – and that is to not even mention the burden that an ‘exam factory’ education can impose... Read the full article here, by kind permission of Angels & Urchins.