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Bedales Senior

Bedales features extensively in an article in School House magazine on the means by which schools support talented artistic pupils.

The article explains how, two years ago, Bedales aligned scholarships more closely with its aim of developing ‘inquisitive thinkers with a love of learning who cherish independent thought’. Now, instead of a reduction in school fees, art, design, drama and music scholarships all come with a research grant of £500. Phil Tattersall-King, Deputy Head, Co-Curricular, explains: “A good scholarship allows for opportunities for growth, so we decided to ring fence the money for a project of the student’s choosing which develops their area of creativity.”

Alongside scholarships, the article continues, means-tested bursaries, including fully funded places, are offered through the John Badley Foundation. Successful applicants are required to show talent or potential in at least one specialist area, such as art, design, sport or academic. The school matches donations received which, explains Phil, is appealing to donors and means it can help transform the lives of more great young people.

Read a PDF of the article here, with thanks to School House magazine.

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