Dunhurst pupils touch history

Posted on 09th June 2017

Pupils and staff at Bedales Prep School, Dunhurst were very excited to welcome Tom Briggs from Bletchley Park – the centre for government intelligence research, on Monday 5 June. Tom brought a very special piece of codebreaking equipment to show pupils - the Enigma machine.

Tom explained the significance of the Enigma machines and how they were used to protect commercial, diplomatic and military communication during World War II. The machines played a huge part in Britain’s success and it was the Allied capture of key information that enabled cryptologists to succeed and defeat the Axis forces.

Pupils took part in codebreaking workshops and learned all about codes, cyphers and steganography. They also learned about how these methods have been used, and are still being used, in communicating military intelligence. At the end of each session, several children actually sent a short message using the Enigma machine so that they could see exactly how it worked and how the codes were processed. Everyone involved in the workshops thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to get close to a piece of our national history.

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