Earth Day 2016 celebrated at Bedales

Bedales Senior

Earth Day was celebrated by the Bedales school community this week. The first Earth Day was held in April 1970 and it is an annual reminder for us to be better stewards of the earth. 

A number of activities took place all over the school including workshops, poetry, cycle-powered demonstrations and discussions on issues of sustainability.

Maddy Harland, editor of Permaculture Magazine, delivered Jaw and Catie Jarman (above), who works at the Bristol Skipchen, a café that makes healthy meals from donations of food that would otherwise be wasted, led a discussion about ethical consumption. 

Bedales was also active on social media during the day (follow @GBedales for great insights), and the Green Party leader, Natalie Bennett even sent a message of encouragement to students:

What do you know about the new Art & Design building's sustainable properties? How much Co2 do our trips create? How much meat do you eat a week? Read Earth Day Zine, produced by Global Awareness / Geography at Bedales for more thought-provoking questions and answers:

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