Game of conkers

Posted on 22nd November 2018

Dunhurst likes to have a monthly ‘craze’ and this month it is conkers. In a blog for the Independent Schools Council (ISC), Head Colin Baty discusses this simple pleasure, and how it serves an important educational principle.

Colin says: “Playing conkers is great fun and doesn’t require lots of expensive equipment. Also, it is hard to arrange and play a game without conversing with one’s opponent face-to-face. These are little things, perhaps, but we overlook them at our peril.”

And there is another layer to the school’s thinking. Colin believes that a large part of the responsibility of educators lies in keeping children safe but also encouraging them to learn how to manage risk. He explains: “A game of conkers might result in the occasional rap on the knuckles and the odd tear, but when they reach their teenage years and are perhaps gripped by the thrill of taking risks, they are better prepared.” 

The full article can be seen on the ISC website here.

Colin Baty | ISC | Bedales Prep, Dunhurst Approach to Learning